• Mark D Peters

His Sacrifice Was Not In Vain

Sunday, May 30th, the day before Memorial Day a somber ceremony was held to honor our veterans service and sacrifice to this great Nation. American Legion Post 44 & Monrovia Troop 66 hosted a Flag Retirement Ceremony with local City Officials in attendance, Monrovia Mayor Tom Adams, members of American Legion Post 44 and special guest and United States Army Veteran, 11th Infantry Regiment, Sergeant Jose Ruiz.

Sgt. Jose Ruiz is the Superintendent for Foundational Builders Corporation, who oversees the 39-unit project located on Hoover Street in Los Angeles, California. Foundational Builders Corporation Senior Project Manager Diana Rangel Vierra was present with her son James Vierra and Scout from Troop 66 to retire flags in honor of Sgt. Jose Ruiz for his dedicated service to his country. Our veterans deserve for us to eternally remember the sacrifice they made for our Freedom. They then know that their sacrifice was not in vain. We as Americans must always honor those who paid the ultimate price. We cannot allow future generations to allow those fallen to fade into the past. But we must always remember that those fallen are the reason for our freedom, for our very existence in some cases, and the very reason that we have such a great country.

Please remember why we are here today, to honor those veterans who have fallen and who remain. Foundational Builders Corporation is proud to support and bare witness to such a dignified ceremony. Sgt. Jose Ruiz retired a flag with Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Degas Peters from Monrovia Troop 66. Both men presented the colors, then folded "Old Glory" into the flames. They stood back and saluted her until she was fully engulfed with flames and was gone. Thank you Sgt. Jose Ruiz for your service, for we are never fully able to repay you for your sacrifice and service.

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