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Andrew Robles


As President of Foundational Builders Corporation, Andrew Robles is very ambitious. He plans on scaling the company very quickly and making a statement in the Southern California marketplace. With a degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University, Andrew understands the viability of scaleability and creating a point of impact with Development projects in Southern California. Most owners and developers over time will understand Leadership, Experience, and Organization is a key indicator that will drive success and growth, over the long term. Andrew's goal is to model those traits, for every person on the project.


Jeff Curran

Managing Partner

Seasoned Real Estate Developer and Builders with over 25+ years of experience. Constructed Hotels, Office, Retail, Condominiums, tract homes and custom homes. Currently holds General B and C License. Manager Partner at Pinn Bros. Fine Homes 45+ year hold company with 6,000 homes built. Consultant to Legend USA and Legend GC. Jeff plays a key role in helping FB Corp. scale growth more strategically and efficiently.

John Rincon.jpg

John Rincon

Managing Partner

John Rincon specializes in Mortgage and Real Estate Development in Palm Springs Ca. Throughout Johns 30+ years in Real Estate he has conducted over 500 million dollars of Residential & Commercial Real Estate transactions. His main role with Foundational Builders is to serve as a Business, Legal, and Financial advisor to President Andrew Robles.


Diana Vierra

Senior Project Manager

Diana Vierra ia s self-starter and team player who displays an impressive understanding of the construction process and has a proven track record of being an advocate for the clients is what Diana brings to the Foundational Builders team. Diana cares about making the construction process painless for our customers. She brings to our team an infinite amount of value based on her experience. Including a strong business sense to daily activities as she orchestrates small to large construction projects. Diana is the definition of a consummate professional and she will do everything in her power to ensure our clients have a construction experience that will be remembered as masterfully executed, and excellently done. Diana Vierra is a Foundational Leader at Foundational Builders Corporation.


Jessica Cipperly

Project Manager

Jessica has over 15 years of experience. She has been involved in a 45-story high rise condominium project along with a retail shopping center, movie theatres and a high-rise office building. Jessica's precision, coordination, attention-to-detail, and organizational skills help her excel and facilitate schedule, buyout and a smooth construction site. Jessica is also an expert in AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, Microsoft Project and Bluebeam. Jessica Cipperly graduated from Drexel University with a Defree in Bachelor of Architecture.


Golda Berent

Project Manager

Golda is an expert in project management and business operations. She is a high-energy professional, who leads companies through changes and challenges to profitable growth. Gold is an expert in CAD, Structural and Architectural design. Golda excels in both residential coastal homes and luxury home design. Golda helps expediate the residential construction process through her renderings and helping the owners pick exactly the finish look they want for their home. Golda holds a Master's Degree in Engineering and Technology from Tel-Aviv University. Golda is fluent in English,Hebrew, Ukraine and Russian


Adam Minas

General Superintendent

Adam Minas is a tenured General Superintendent with over 1000 units built under his management. Adam has over 7 years of experience working with LADBS Building Code as well as it's Inspectors and has a great rapport with his each one of them. Adam takes his inspections and job very seriously. His no-nonsense personality is instilled on the job site and does whatever it takes to get the job done. Adam is a Foundational Leader at Foundational Builders Corporation.


Jose Ruiz


Jose Ruiz is a natural born leader. His knowledge of construction stems back over 20 years. Jose is knowledgeable in Concrete, Framing, Drywall, Finish Carpentry. Jose can also operate a backhoe, excavator, bobcat. Developers and Subcontractors like Jose being on their project because they know who's a mover and a shaker.

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Awais Liaqat

Project Estimator

Awais Liaqat has an experience of over 3 years working with the GCs and Subs, nationwide in US, helping with their estimates and finalizing their bids, spontaneously just a day after graduating as a Civil Engineer from UET, Lahore, Pakistan. Awais is motivated in helping Foundational Builders to manage their estimating and bidding procedures, performing takeoffs using modern software, getting quotes from vendors and dealing with subs to submit the final bid on time as well as at the prices best suitable for both the client and the company. 

Matthew G Robles.jpg

Matthew Robles

Senior Safety Coordinator

Matthew Robles started his career in Construction at 18. Having over 16 years of Construction Management experience, Matt is Osha Certified and spearheads our safety guidelines for every project. Safety is important to us, and Matt plays a vital role in our Project Management Operations. Matt Robles is Foundational Leader with Foundational Builders Corporation.

Sen Li.jfif

Sen Lin

Quantitative Analyst

Sen Lin is a quantitative researcher and equities analyst, who has also consulted for many Hedge Funds and Equity firms. Prior to finance, he was a biotech/pharmaceutical researcher who made novel findings in Down syndrome, Alzheimer's disease, and patch-clamp, while studying at Stanford. Sen is also aiding with the White House HPC Consortium for COVID-19 response. Andrew introduced Sen to the Construction industry as a way of taking this financial modeling approach and applying it to the construction industry. Over the past two years he used machine learning and quantitative models to optimize construction and acquisition projects.