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Founded on a vision of reshaping living spaces, Foundational Builders embarked on its journey with a commitment to excellence and innovation. Established in 2020, we quickly evolved into a trusted name in the construction industry, driven by a passion for crafting spaces that harmonize functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. From the outset, our focus has been on delivering transformative solutions, with a particular emphasis on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), student housing, affordable housing, and luxury condominium developments.

Over the years, our success is rooted in a collaborative approach, working closely with communities, organizations, and a network of skilled subcontractors. As we continue to write our story, Foundational Builders remains committed to pushing boundaries, setting new standards, and shaping the future of living spaces.
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Type of Construction

Type I: Fire-resistant high-rises constructed with concrete and steel fall under the Type I classification. Generally, these buildings exceed 75 feet tall and include high-rise housing and commercial spaces.
Type III: Multifamily buildings, schools, businesses, and single-family houses with no combustible walls and wood roofs, ranging between 55-85 feet in height, are classified as Type III buildings.
Type V: Multi and single family commercial buildings below 55 feet in height with combustible materials in the walls and roof, such as lightweight or manufactured wood are categorized as Type V.

Core Values

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Emphasizing the utmost importance of timely project completion, our approach to schedule management ensures client satisfaction, minimizes disruptions, and allows for efficient project planning and execution. By prioritizing schedules, we demonstrate a commitment to delivering quality construction services in a timely manner, fostering trust and reliability.
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Safety is a cornerstone value for us, highlighting our dedication to creating secure and healthy work environments. Prioritizing safety protects the well-being of workers and enhances overall project efficiency. Adhering to rigorous safety standards and fostering a culture of awareness ensures that every project is executed with the highest regard for the health and safety of all stakeholders involved.
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We recognize the financial considerations integral to successful project outcomes. Our focus on budget management enables efficient resource allocation, cost control, and the avoidance of unnecessary expenses. By upholding strict financial discipline, we ensure that clients receive exceptional value while fostering transparent and trustworthy relationships.

What we do

Foundational Builders specializes in creating transformative living spaces, focusing on crafting Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) that seamlessly integrate with existing structures. Our expertise caters to homeowners seeking additional living space or rental income, offering practical and stylish solutions.

In student housing, we excel in developing vibrant and comfortable environments tailored for academic and personal growth. Our commitment extends to constructing affordable housing, working closely with communities to provide secure, sustainable, and inclusive homes.


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Affordable Housing

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Student Housing

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Company Mission Statement



Our team is composed of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals who leverage their skills to navigate construction complexities, deliver superior results, and provide expert insights and solutions.


Our approach centers around trust and consistency. A primary goal of ours is to ensure that we deliver on commitments and deadlines throughout your project journey. We take pride on being reliable and trustworthy.


We optimize every project aspect to judiciously use resources, meet timelines, control costs, and guarantee a streamlined construction process that maximizes value for our clients.


We maintain a calm and collected demeanor, enabling us to make focused and informed decisions while upholding the highest standards of quality and safety under high-pressure, unpredictable situations, and tight deadlines.

Meet our Leadership

Leadership at Foundational Builders is synonymous with vision, expertise, and a commitment to guiding our team towards excellence. Our leaders not only drive the strategic direction of the company but also foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and unwavering dedication to our clients and projects.
Andrew Robles - President & CEO
Andrew Robles
President & CEO

Andrew Robles

Founder and President of Foundational Builders Corporation, Andrew combines his degree from Pepperdine University in Business Administration with his unwavering passion for construction. He leads with precision and strategic acumen, ensuring projects adhere to schedules and budgets. Andrew fosters a collaborative work culture, inspiring excellence among team members. Under his guidance, Foundational Builders thrives, reflecting his commitment to building excellence, growth, and teamwork.
George Robles - Senior Project Manager
George Robles
Senior Project Manager

George Robles

George Robles is a highly regarded leader in the construction industry, boasting over 35 years of hands-on experience. In 2012, George Robles founded Burrell Construction following a successful tenure as Project Director at Tishman Construction Corporation. His background covers all aspects of the construction process; including residential and commercial contracting, engineering principles, pre-construction, design development, estimating, permitting, planning, and day-to-day operations management. Robles has managed over $8 billion in capital construction projects throughout his career, solidifying his expertise and industry reputation. Today, George Robles brings his wealth of experience and comprehensive understanding of construction to Foundational Builders, where he serves as a Senior Project Manager.
David Robles - Business Operations + Project Manager
David Robles
Business Operations + Project Manager

David Robles

As a Cal State Fullerton University graduate in Business Marketing, David combines education with extensive Project Management expertise. His skills shine in resource allocation, negotiation, and collaboration with project stakeholders; ensuring successful execution and that project timelines stay on track. With such a versatile role including involvement in sales meetings, client relationship cultivation, business growth, and risk management; he is a valuable asset in any organization.

Corporate Staff

Chief Operations Officer

Adam Cyril

Project Manager

Erickka Murillo

Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy

Ryann Torrero

Data Analyst + Estimator

Andrew Kourk


Creating Change Beyond Construction

Foundational Builders is proud to support Habitat for Humanity, a globally recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to providing safe and affordable housing for families in need. Habitat for Humanity believes that everyone deserves a decent place to call home and works tirelessly to make this vision a reality. As a construction company deeply committed to the well-being of communities, we understand the importance of safe and stable housing in building a better future.

By donating to Habitat for Humanity, we are not just constructing physical structures; we are contributing to the construction of hope, stability, and opportunity for families in our local and global communities. Our partnership with this exceptional organization aligns with our mission to create positive, lasting impacts beyond the buildings we construct, by helping those who need it most.
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Subcontractor Testimonials

Discover the firsthand experiences of our valued subcontractors in this dedicated section and gain insights into the collaborative and rewarding partnerships forged with Foundational Builders.
Rating Stars

Successful experience

Having collaborated with Foundational Builders over the past two years, I can attest to their status as one of the fastest-growing contractors in LA. Their ability to consistently meet budgetary constraints while adhering to project timelines is truly commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend doing business with them for a seamless and successful construction experience.
A1 Quality Doors
Rating Stars

Efficient service!

Working alongside Foundational Builders has proven to be a truly efficient partnership for our plumbing company. Their exceptional project management, proactive issue resolution, and consistent reliability have streamlined our collaborative efforts. We highly commend their transparent communication and cooperative approach, making every project an effortlessly efficient experience.
LAV Plumbing
Rating Stars

Exceptional experience!

Working with Foundational Builders has been an exceptional experience. Their team is not only great and reliable but also exhibits a high level of professionalism, consistently addressing all queries promptly to ensure seamless collaboration and timely project completion. I am genuinely pleased with our partnership and look forward to continued success working with them.
Kia Contractors